• To manage all the travell requirements for the companies while providing sort of convinience to our customer
  • To offer the travelling service at a very reasonable price.
  • Seeking a challenging carrier oppurtunity as travell agents where in our skills and experience are utilized to the fullest.
  • We aim to be recognized as the leading tour company unique to innovative products and our specialised high quality and vallue added service
  • Also Wasalesafaritour company aims to assist the majority of poor Maasai women in Africa from poverty and culture oppression ie.Most of the Maasai women are not enrolled in schools today even with free education in Tanzania since 2016 only few of Maasai girls enroll in the school.

.The Maasai girl are circumcised between 11 to 13 years of age and soon are married to a man choosen by her father in exchanging for cattle and cash……But if you educate these Maasai women she will know her rights and have the confidence to stand up for them,She will choose whom to marry and when to marry,also she will have fewer children and able to maintain her health…?

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